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Here is the tutorial. :NOTE The phone now updated automatically.

Available only from this site. Download the application

I personally Built this in Google sheets and it is only available for my personal downline. This is not available from AMSOIL.
This is 100% free to use. Google sheets is also 100% free to use. Prices are downloaded from and automatically updated when prices change. If you would like to use this inventory program or if your already using it and have any problems, please email me at [email protected] or text Kyle at 612-325-1931 and i will call you back.

Some elements of this tutorial have been simplified and some changes made. Note: the phone app inventory now automatically updates, the auto clear buttons at the top will no longer work due to google code privacy issues.

Choose 1080p for best quality in settings at the bottom of the movie.

Managing a thriving AMSOIL business demands careful attention. The program I have developed here arose from a pressing need for better organization and efficiency. This system has proven to be an invaluable asset, making my business operations significantly easier and more organized.

If you are not paying attention to your inventory, you risk missing out on sales and the opportunity to register Preferred Customers (PCs).

In the main inventory, you can create any category you like and add products to that category. We have already created and preselected the most popular categories and products. To add products, simply copy a row and paste it where you desire. This inventory will work great for commercial and retail accounts as well.

This program can handle two locations or an AMSOIL partnership and automatically separates dual ordering. Dual orders create two separate records and combine them in a column for easy ordering from AMSOIL. You will find dials indicating when you should place an order, and record dates are automatically posted on each record. For printing, the program generates black and white copies to save ink.

Keep track of inventory, generate orders and customer receipts, search AMSOIL’s entire line of products, and streamline reordering to boost product sales.

Your inventory is automatically updated on the phone app when you edit it in your main inventory sheet.
Creating an order on the spot with your customer is super easy.
Add the products, choose the PC term, go to receipt, take a screenshot and text it.
It clearly shows the savings and entices the customer to opt in on the PC program.
This also serves as a quick reference to you inventory when out and about.


Product pricing is updated on my end. I receive advance notifications from AMSOIL regarding any price changes and will upload the updated prices on the day they change.


I also have a new version that dials in a bit more on each equipment type.
This will handle an unlimited amount of equipment and vehicles. Great for any fleet.

From FLEET 1 TRUCK 1 To FLEET 8 to TRUCK 8. That 64 vehicles in all.

This new tracking system puts together an order for you with the product codes ready to call off to AMSOIL.
each sheet has a total of 8 sections for separate equipment.
It also has visual warnings along with a countdown to when to change your oil
Your totals and savings are posted at the bottom along with many areas for notes along the way.

Problems? Shoot me a text at 612-325-1931 and i’ll get you set up or help with problems.

Maintaining Your AMSOIL Product Inventory

Keeping your AMSOIL inventory up to date is crucial. You must track products as they are sold or used. This way, you’ll know when to order new stock. Staying on top of this ensures customer satisfaction and business success.

Why Is Inventory Management Important?

Inventory management has many benefits. Firstly, it prevents stockouts, which disappoint customers. Secondly, it helps you avoid overstocking, saving valuable storage space. Lastly, it keeps cash flow healthy by not tying up funds in excess inventory.

AMSOIL Retail Account Inventory Management

As an AMSOIL retailer, maintaining the right inventory levels is vital. Customers expect products to be available when they need them. By regularly tracking and replenishing stock, you’ll boost sales and keep customers happy.

Regularly Check Stock Levels

To keep your retail account inventory up to date, perform regular stock checks. This helps identify which products need to be reordered. Keep an eye on your best-sellers and ensure they’re always in stock.

Timely Reorder of Products

Once you’ve identified which products need replenishing, order them promptly. Don’t wait too long or you risk running out. A well-stocked store will always attract more customers.

AMSOIL Commercial Account Inventory Management

Commercial account holders need efficient inventory management too. Your business relies on AMSOIL products to keep operations running smoothly. A well-managed inventory ensures you always have what you need.

Monitor Usage Patterns

To maintain your commercial account inventory, track usage patterns. This helps you plan and order products before they run out. Consistently monitoring usage helps you predict future needs and prevent shortages.

Plan for Seasonal Changes

Seasonal changes can impact your inventory needs. For example, cold weather might require more engine oil. Be proactive and plan ahead to meet these seasonal demands.

AMSOIL Dealer Account Inventory Management

As an AMSOIL dealer, inventory management is the key to success. Balancing stock levels is crucial to meet customer needs and maintain profitability.

Know Your Customers

Understanding your customers’ needs helps you manage your dealer account inventory. Tailor your stock levels to meet their demands. This ensures customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Stay Informed About Product Changes

AMSOIL may release new products or discontinue old ones. Stay informed about these changes to keep your inventory current. This helps you offer the latest and best products to your customers.

Ordering New AMSOIL Inventory

When it’s time to reorder products, follow these steps to ensure a smooth process.

Review Inventory Levels

Before placing an order, review your current inventory levels. This helps you determine which products need replenishing and avoid overstocking.

Create a Reorder List

Make a list of the products you need to reorder. Include product codes and quantities for easy reference. This makes the ordering process more efficient.

Place Your Order

Submit your order through the appropriate AMSOIL channel. Double-check your order for accuracy before submitting it. This prevents errors and ensures you receive the correct products.

Final Thoughts on AMSOIL Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is essential for AMSOIL retail, commercial, and dealer accounts. Regularly checking stock levels, planning for seasonal changes, and ordering new inventory when needed keeps your business running smoothly. By following these guidelines, you’ll maintain a healthy inventory and ensure customer satisfaction.

Stay Organized

Organizing your AMSOIL inventory makes it easier to manage. Keep products in designated areas and label shelves clearly. This helps you track stock levels and locate items quickly.

Implement a System

Establish a system for managing your inventory. This could be a simple spreadsheet or an inventory management software. A well-structured system helps you stay on top of stock levels and reorder products efficiently.

Consistency Is Key

Be consistent with your inventory management practices. Regularly updating and monitoring your inventory helps avoid shortages and overstocking. Consistency also helps you spot trends and make informed decisions about future orders.

Train Your Staff

Ensure your staff is trained in inventory management. They should know how to check stock levels, report shortages, and reorder products. Well-trained staff members contribute to effective inventory management and overall business success.

Communicate with AMSOIL

Stay in touch with your AMSOIL representative. They can provide updates on new products, promotions, and potential stock issues. Regular communication helps you make informed decisions about your inventory. In conclusion, managing your AMSOIL product inventory is crucial for retail, commercial, and dealer accounts. By keeping stock levels balanced and ordering new inventory when necessary, you’ll ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a successful business. Implement the tips provided in this article to stay on top of your AMSOIL inventory and enjoy the benefits of effective inventory management.

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